Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Being a mother is hard work! With my husband at work all day every day, I am left to take care of our newborn son this past summer and our teenaged step son on some weekends. Anyone who is a mother knows how stressful this can be, and let me tell you how relieved I am when his naptime finally rolls around and he falls asleep.

This morning, I woke up with a splitting headache, after making my husbands lunch, giving him a goodbye kiss and pushing him out the door for his long day at work, I went to the babies room to get his day started. After breakfast, diaper changing’s, getting him dressed, and five hours of playtime, he was finally beginning to get cranky. NAP TIME! My little angel fell fast asleep like he does every other day at two and I decided that a nice hot shower was the perfect way for me to relax and try to get rid of this pounding headache.

I began to run the water and I slowly stripped from my baggy sweat pants, old t-shirt, and black thong. I stuck my hand under the water to test the temperature and I was shocked by the sudden heat on my cool hand. Just right I thought to myself, as I turned the showerhead on and stepped into our rather large bathtub.

I proceeded to let the hot water run over my hair, and body. I grabbed the shampoo bottle, squeezed a little dollop into my hand, and began to lather up my hair. I quickly rinsed the shampoo from my hair and grabbed the bottle of conditioner, squeezing another little dollop into my hand and smoothing it over my hair. I grabbed the bar of soap and began to lather myself up, working my way down from my shoulders. My hand began to wander and I found myself gently caressing my breast still so full even though iI’d just finished nursing.

With my husbands hectic work schedule and my hectic days with the baby, our sex life has just not been the same. I was horny and beginning to realize it as I touched myself. I worked my way down and I began rubbing my fingers over my pussy lips. I spread them open slightly and gave my clit a little rub, I felt the moisture gathering between my legs and I slowly insert two fingers into my swelling pussy. I need to cum, I need to cum hard and fast I thought to myself. I grabbed the detachable showerhead from its place on the wall and set it to the most powerful pulsating streams of water. With my left hand, I spread my pussy lips again and I allow the streams of water to dance over my clit. “Oooooooh” I find myself moaning out loud.

My mind wanders to the my fun with Steve during the football game. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the bottle of shampoo. I replaced the showerhead, grabbed it, and sat on the floor of our over-sized bathtub with both legs up on either wall. I grabbed the bottle of conditioner sitting next to me and squeezed a large amount onto my now spread wide pussy, then another large amount into my hand. I massaged the conditioner all over my pussy, making sure to insert two fingers into my pussy to lube that up as well, and I massaged it onto the entire length of the 3-inch in diameter shampoo bottle.

I pressed the tip of the bottle into my open pussy, it was extremely large, and I did not think that it would fit, but I was going to make it fit; I needed to get off bad. I gave it a little push and with the assistance of my other hand spreading my pussy open even more, it slid in. The coolness of the bottle felt so good in my hot, wanting pussy. I kept pushing, watching my pussy devour the bottle, it was about 8 inches in when I pulled it out again. Pushing and pulling the can in and out of myself felt so good, I had never had anything this large inside of my pussy. I began to thrust my hips and I pushed the bottle in and pulled it out, I was humping it harder and harder.

I felt my orgasm approaching very quickly. I slowly got up and squatted over the bottle so I could ride this big “cock”. Again I began to hump the bottle wildly, holding the base this time as I bounced up and down on it. I felt the smooth bottle gliding in and out of my pussy, and I rubbed my clit, imagining that some stud was eating my cunt. “Ooooooooooooooooooh my fucking gooooood!” I moaned out loud, I was bouncing wildly on the can bringing myself to one of the greatest orgasms ever. I slid down and fit the whole bottle into my pussy just as I began to squirt my hot cum all over the bottle. It was so intense and amazing.

After my exploding orgasm, I had to sit there and recover for a few minutes, the whole length of the bottle slowly sliding out of my throbbing, aching pussy. I stood up and the bottle slid out, leaving my pussy gaping wide open as I rubbed my clit a little more before rinsing off, turning the shower off, hopping out and getting dressed to continue with the rest of my day. Time to get dinner ready, husband would be home soon, and baby would be waking up, but I really should do this more often…

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